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3G’s Data Dilemma: The Re-Birth of Citywide Wi-Fi?

Robb Henshaw

NOTE: This was a 2009 post I wrote for DailyWireless about the boom in mobile data usage and the need for effective offload mechanisms for 3G networks. 

3G’s Data Dilemma: The Re-Birth of Citywide Wi-Fi?

Dailywireless editor Sam Churchill has been reading some interesting observations by Robb Henshaw on and Going Wireless, so we asked the Marketing Director at Proxim Wireless to write a few articles for Dailywireless, too.

Robb’s perspective is different from most cellular carriers. It may also reflect that of Proxim, an industry leader in WiMAX, municipal Wi-Fi, and backhaul solutions. His essay (below) explains why Smartphones are creating a new opportunity for municipal Wi-Fi — and why this time it’s going to be different.

Why the WiMAX vs. LTE Battle Isn't a Battle

Robb Henshaw

NOTE: Here's a post I wrote back in 2009 for about the so-called battle between WIMAX and LTE technologies. Basically, the market was pitting these two technologies against each other when they had no business doing so. It was basically just the wireless industry's way of trying to create some sexy drama where there was none. I posited that LTE and WIMAX would be used for completely different applications, which turned out to be correct. 

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