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Napa, CA 94559



Cisco Jasper (through Cisco's $1.4B acquisition of Jasper)

I run global communications - including PR, AR and corporate communications - for Cisco Jasper, the IoT Cloud Business Unit of Cisco (through Cisco's acquisition of Jasper in March 2016). 


Was responsible for all communications strategy, media relations, social media, and content marketing. Acted as a primary spokesperson for the company. 

VP of COMMUNICATIONS (acquired by BCD Travel)

Was responsible for all communications strategy, media relations, social media, and content marketing. Acted as the company's primary spokesperson. Secured hundreds of feature articles and broadcast appearances and increased average site traffic over 25x in one year. 

SugarSync (acquired by J2 Global)

Oversaw global brand management and strategic positioning, managed public relations, social media, and events, and acted as company spokesperson. Increased press coverage by more than 21x in 2 years, leading to a 15x increase in site traffic. SugarSync user base grew from 900,000 to over 10 million due to increased traffic.

Proxim Wireless (PRXM)

Managed all global communications (including PR and AR), channel marketing, and product marketing. Served as company spokesperson both in North America and internationally. Increased media coverage by 18x, with consistent quarter-over-quarter increases. Increased traffic by 10x and incoming sales leads by 8x.


Ran communications campaigns for: Airespace (acquired by Cisco), Good Technology (acquired by Motorola), Vontu (acquired by Symantec), Reconnex (acquired by McAfee), Swan Labs (acquired by F5) and more. I began my career working with PeopleSoft, before its acquisition by Oracle. 

I'm a talker, and when I get excited about something, I like to discuss it with everyone. So the whole PR/marketing/communications career always just made sense. I don't get involved in anything that I don't personally believe in and want to be involved in. I think life is too short to waste time on things that don't resonate with your own passions. 

As for my professional experience, you can look at my resume and past clients for all the basic information. I have represented a lot of great companies and great ideas -- many of which were fantastic successes (five clients that established market leadership and were then acquired, by Cisco, Symantec, McAfee, F5 and Aruba Networks). Most importantly, I have always had a blast, and I have always provided rock-solid PR/marketing results. 

My father once gave me what is still the best piece of professional advice I have ever received: "Just do what makes you happy. If you wake up every morning excited to be doing what you're doing, that's the best anyone can hope for - regardless of what you make. Find what makes you happy, and just do that." Thus, I have only one professional goal -- continue to do what makes me happy, which is effectively establishing and spreading the word about the companies and technologies I am passionate about.

Specialties: Media & analyst spokesperson, messaging development, company/product positioning, media & analyst relations, competitive analysis and differentiation, thought leadership, lead generation